Pocket Cash Register

Pocket Cash Register is an Android app, which is so called because it can run on a smartphone. But it also works on tablets. The screen auto-rotates to fit the chosen device. It is definitely more comfortable for use on a tablet, but the huge advantage of a smartphone is that you carry around with you everywhere.

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How to use it?

Selling 30m of cloth at 5.75/m? No problem.

  1. Type 30×5.75=
  2. Then, press Dept 01.
  3. You have another 11m of a different product at 33.50/m?
  4. Type 11×33.50=
  5. Then press Dept 02.

Just like Cash Registers, you may have up to 8 departments to analyse your sales.

Done with the client?

Press Go. That’s all. 

Don’t worry. Your figures are still there. Select “TODAY” and press “Email” You will receive in your email (the one in your profile) a PDF version of the sales of today.

Who can use Pocket Cash Register?

Say you are a garage owner. It is very simple to just key in the sales money you collect – and only think of accounts later.

Or you are working in an exhibition fair. In such places, it is good to have a way to count the money, as mistakes can be a headache and a source of conflict.

Missing features

If you see that many features are missing, it is on purpose. We deliberately chose to leave out any complexities in order to make this app super simple and attractive.

We are developers of full-scale restaurant and supermarket POS systems. This means that we actually removed most features in order to make this app tiny and sweet.

Try before you buy

Our demo enables you try the Pocket Cash Register App inside out.

Unique Features


Pocket Cash Register has been specifically designed to be a very simple app. It requires no IT or Accounting knowledge.

A4 size invoices

Every sale that you enter into the system can be re-generated as a properly formatted standardized A4 invoice.

PDF Reports

The sales you enter into the app do not get lost. You can export PDF Reports to give to your accountant or for your own personal record


Pocket Cash Register app is applicable to many people. For example, cloth seller, garage owner, etc.

CSV Reports

Your accountant is probably using an accounting software. CSV format is accepted by the majority of software packages and can be opened in a spreadsheet such as Ms Excel as well.


Pocket Cash Register app fits perfectly in your smartphone. Hence, the word "Pocket".

Contact us

The easiest way to understand the software is to use it. You can also message us via Whatsapp on +23054749089